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Resumes Resumes Sales Associate at Gap. Gap Inc. Arbonne International Independant Cosultant. Work Company:.

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Education School:. Lansing Community College Business. Professionals Accountants Auditor.

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Financial Analyst. Independent Business Owners. Computer Specialist.

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IT Specialist. Sports Trainers. Customer Service. Marketing Manager. Operations Manager.

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Project Managers. Sales Manager. Date of birth:. Related Names Dagobert Mendez.

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Jacqueline Mendez Historical Name Popularity Name Popularity for Jacqueline Mendez Percent of Births 0 0. Share on. Last Name: Mendez CA Login to view premium data.

Jacqueline Mendez Secretary, President. Jacqueline C.

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Mendez President. Female Lions rule their prides. The Ancient Egyptians worshiped the Sun God.

Be aware of all the dramas you create or allow into your life. Act like you are someone you admire and want to be like. Treat yourself well, healthy pride based on positive self- esteem is good. PLAY — your inner child needs to play all the time. Practice,Positive thoughts and affirmations.

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Banish every negative thought. Stay heart- centered. The Haindl Tarot shows a naked woman controlling the serpent Kundalini energy. She is very Lilith like in the card. Meghan Markle, Daniel Radcliff, J. Demille, Gus Van Sant,. Jung, Ray Bradbury, Zelda Fitzgerald,. Like Like. Leo is the sun who is god. Yesh me ayin. Ancient of days. The lioness is shekmet. Gold represents the image of the sun. Everyone is a head of gold. Everyone is a walking image of the sun with spirit.

Your either the gold cross pointed up or down.